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We're Christian and Elisa Genco, two twenty-somethings who realized there was more out there and decided to go look for it.

Four months after getting married, we bought a 24-foot 17-year-old RV, did a complete down-to-the-studs renovation, sold everything in our apartment that didn't fit in 192 square feet, and hit the road.

Now we're traveling and working from the road full-time: sharing what we learn, see, and do along the way, and searching for the perfect place to settle down.

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Fall Foliage Day 1

Coppell, Texas, to DeGray Lake, Arkansas

Only three days behind schedule (or three weeks and three days, if you’re counting from when we moved out of the apartment)(or four weeks and three days, if you’re counting from when the apartment lease was originally up), we finally hit the road!

We left the Dallas area at about 3:30 PM, breaking the first of the 2/2/2 rule (arrive before 2 PM, travel less than 200 miles, stay 2 days) on our way to DeGray Lake State Park in Arkansas, 261.8 miles away (breaking the second of the 2/2/2 rule).

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Or: How to Get Rid of Your Stuff But Not Your Sanity

I didn’t think we had that much stuff. We’d been living in our one-bedroom apartment for a year, and before that had both lived in college dorms/with our parents during the summers (meaning every summer we had to fit all our stuff in a minivan to store back home for the summer).

Yet somehow, two months before our lease expired, I was staring at piles of kitchen appliances that had never been used, plastic bins full of seasonal items, and an entire walk-in closet of clothes that all needed to be whittled down to fit in our 24-foot RV.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks that helped us downsize everything we owned to the point where we can now take it with us everywhere we go.

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